HANSATON hearing systems by product family.

HANSATON offers a comprehensive range of hearing system solutions. Click here to find out more about our various hearing system product families.

sound SHD by HANSATON.

sound SHD, our external-receiver hearing systems, stand for impressive sound and aesthetic appeal. With their chic design, soft, rounded shapes, and range of colors, these new “lead singers” are a design hit in every way. The new SHD Technology allows spatial acoustics at its best.

zwei kleine Im-Ohr-Hörsysteme und ein jamHD Hörsysteme in Silber


HANSATON’s jam SHD includes a classic BTE hearing system as well as a wide selection of ITE solutions. The high-tech possibilities are many, ranging from beautiful and flexible to individual and practically invisible.

Gruppenbild beat

beat by HANSATON.

beat is pure power. Dynamic and powerful, beat BTE hearing systems provide impressive amplification without sacrificing sound or speech quality. The little powerhouse is available in six different colors.