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For 60 years, HANSATON has been pioneering hearing systems to help people around the world achieve optimal hearing experiences. We are a third-generation company founded on the simple vision of helping the hearing-impaired enjoy a better quality of life. We work together with Hearing Healthcare Professionals to develop high quality, tailor-made solutions that help people hear better, understand better and live better.

Now you can be a part of the HANSATON Exclusive Network. As a provider, you can count on cutting-edge technology and an exclusive territory that allows you to market this unique brand and stand out from the competition. You will also have access to other value-add support and services-all designed to help drive your success

Distinguish yourself from the competition.
Become a HANSATON network provider today.


The HANSATON Exclusive Network gives you the unique opportunity to be the only provider and advertiser of HANSATON’s full line of hearing aids within a designated territory. Now you can build your local brand within an exclusive market while offering exceptional quality hearing aids that won’t be available from your local competition.

As an exclusive HANSATON provider, you not only benefit from a dedicated territory, but you also receive the additional support you need for success.

Distinguish yourself from the competition. Become a HANSATON provider today.
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