Design meets functionality: rechargeable and environmentally conscious.

Rechargeable technology provides your ears with powerful, environmentally friendly support. Especially convenient for you: No need to replace batteries. Rechargeable hearing systems work reliably without disposable batteries. To recharge them, simply place them into their charging station. LED indicator lights on the hearing systems or the charging station help you keep track of the systems’ charging status. The powerful rechargeable lithium-ion batteries have a maximum charging time of three hours, and provide 24 hours of running time (including 80 minutes of wireless streaming when the hearing systems are fully charged).

*The AQ HD S hearing system has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.


AQ Lightcharger


  • Modern designer housing with button for setting programs and volume
  • IP68-certified: The plasma-coated surface protects the system from external influences, such as dirt and moisture.
  • Perfectly shaped, transparent button with LED feedback

Reliable and safe:

The AQ HD S hearing system is plasma-coated and IP68-certified, making it especially resistant to moisture and other external influences.


Did you know…?

With innovative HD technology, you’re not only well prepared for a variety of situations, but also for any potential moments of surprise. No need to worry about stepping out of the train and straight into the crowded station. Or opening your front door and greeting the entire family at once. Your system will help you move through noisy environments more easily by detecting when things suddenly get louder, and reducing disruptive background noise effectively. See the Technology section for more information.

HANSATON charging stations

HANSATON offers a wide variety of options for charging your hearing systems. At home, out and about, on vacation—whatever your plans, HANSATON has the perfect solution available for you.

Comfort Charger

 Comfort Charger

The Comfort Charger is a case, a charging station, and a drying station all in one. The Comfort Charger charges hearing systems efficiently: This clever little powerhouse adjusts its charging function based on the battery capacity remaining, and never requires more than three hours. As soon as your hearing systems are fully charged, the system automatically ends the charging process. Add a HADEO desiccant capsule, and it will also function as a hearing system drying station. Together with the Comfort Power Pack, it’s the perfect solution for people on the go.

Power Pack

Comfort Power Pack

These days, power packs have become an indispensable part of life. HANSATON’s Comfort Power Pack provides charging power on the go, so you can enjoy maximum freedom. Its powerful built-in lithium-ion battery holds enough power to charge one pair of hearing systems up to seven times. Whenever and wherever. Especially practical: The status indicator on the back indicates its remaining battery capacity.

Light Charger

Light Charger

HANSATON’s Light Charger is a compact charging station, perfect for taking along on vacation. Even though it’s small and compact, it can still hold securely to any surface. Especially convenient for you: Colored markings help you insert your hearing systems correctly.