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Find your ideal solution.

Everyone’s needs and desires are different. With HANSATON, you’ll find what you’ve been searching for: customized hearing systems that provide support tailored to your individual needs. To help you and your Hearing Healthcare Professional decide which solution is the one for you, HANSATON has a wide selection of behind-the-ear and in-ear systems available.

The new HANSATON product families bundle innovative technology into the smallest possible spaces, ensuring brilliant sound and optimum speech clarity. Regardless of which system you choose, you’re always choosing top quality and innovative technology. Talking to your Hearing Healthcare Professional will help you both figure out which hearing system is right for you. Contact us today to find an Exclusive Hansaton Provider in your area.

sound SHD.

The sound SHD is a classy, modern RIC design, and visually impressive in every respect, with external receivers ensure an extraordinary hearing experience. No matter which hearing system you choose, you’ll always be choosing exceptional quality and cutting-edge technology. The new SHD technology offers spatial hearing in a new dimension.

Gruppenbild jamHD

jam SHD.

The jam SHD is available either as a shapely behind-the-ear assistant or in a wide range of discreet in-ear systems.

Gruppenbild beat


The beat powerhouses are the right choice for anyone who needs a little extra support.