Awaken your natural hearing intelligence.

Natural hearing means everyday well-being.

When hearing, the ears and the brain simultaneously undergo various complex, intelligent processes: For example, they detect acoustic signals, determine the signals’ spatial locations, and evaluate their importance. At HANSATON, we speak of natural hearing intelligence. This refers to the complex interplay of different functions that are so individually and perfectly coordinated that they happen completely unconsciously. But if the ears no longer function properly, then the brain cannot perform its tasks any longer either. That is why we here at HANSATON demand the exact same requirements from a hearing system that a healthy ear would require. HearIntelligence™ hearing systems from HANSATON have been developed with the aim of taking over the impaired, natural processes of hearing through innovative signal processing. The goal is not only to compensate for the hearing loss, but also to allow for a more natural hearing.

How stereophonic sound works.

Intelligent hearing means natural hearing.

Acoustic environments are complex. We are surrounded by a variety of different acoustic signals, speech sounds and noises nearly 24 hours a day, every day, week after week, for our entire lives. Our perception is heavily influenced by the shapes of our heads and ears, so each person’s concept of “natural sound” is different. A number of different, complex, intelligent processes happen inside our brains automatically, all at the same time. For example, they detect acoustic signals, determine the signals’ spatial locations and evaluate their importance. Each person has his or her own individual, natural auditory intelligence. Thanks to innovative SHD technology the new HANSATON hearing systems are able to map the acoustic environment realistically and recreate a natural sound experience.


Go about your day without worrying.

Intelligent technology, perfectly adapted to your life.

Everyday life holds a variety of situations in store. Whether you’re at a family gathering, in a restaurant, enjoying a quiet evening in front of the television or biking around in the great outdoors—each situation is unique and valuable. But hearing loss can make it difficult for you to participate with all of your senses. That’s why HANSATON develops its hearing systems with the goal of using innovative technology to restore your lost sense of ease of hearing. Thanks to the AutoSurround SHD function, your hearing system can automatically adapt to the seven most important acoustic situations you encounter in your everyday life. Your hearing system will identify the current situation completely automatically, and then gently adjust itself accordingly. The system adjusts voices and sounds perfectly to fit your life, giving you a brilliant 360° hearing experience.

That way, you’re not only well prepared for a variety of situations, but also for any potential moments of surprise. No need to worry about stepping out of the train and straight into the crowded station. Or opening your front door and greeting the entire family at once. Your system will help you move through noisy environments more easily by detecting when things suddenly get louder, and reducing disruptive background noise effectively and automatically.

Or maybe you’re enjoying a few quiet moments at home, or having a picnic at a secluded lake: whenever you find yourself in a quieter environment requiring less interaction, your hearing system will detect that stillness and present it in an acoustically harmonious way.

Whatever awaits you, with HANSATON hearing systems, you’ll be able to face any situation with ease. Contact us today to find an Exclusive Hansaton Provider near you and discover a whole new dimension of spatial acoustics.

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