Limitless freedom. Hearing without batteries*.

As the world’s first rechargeable external receiver system with integrated SHD technology, the new AQ sound SHD S redefines limitless hearing in natural sound quality. Thanks to SurroundSupervisor SHD, AutoSurround SHD, SphereSound SHD and SpeechBeam SHD, the little marvel of engineering ensures clear speech recognition and an exceptional spatial hearing experience. And as a rechargeable external receiver system, also offers maximum comfort without requiring battery replacement.

The powerful rechargeable lithium-ion batteries provide 24 hours of guaranteed running time with a maximum of three hours of charging time. The program pushbutton’s large surface and LED feedback (blinks during charging; lights up continuously when the hearing system is fully charged) makes operating the system a piece of cake.

*Rechargeable battery with lithium-ion technology.

AQ Lightcharger

AQ sound SHD S at a glance:

  • Modern designer housing with LED pushbutton
  • SHD technology for an excellent spatial hearing experience
  • IP68 certified:
    The plasma-coated surface protects the system against external influences such as dirt and moisture.
  • LED pushbutton for manual program selection
  • 24 hours of guaranteed hearing with a maximum of three hours of charging time
  • Available in seven different colors:
    White Pearl, Cloudy Grey, Sterling Silver, Space Titan, Carbon Black, Sparkling Bronze, Sandy Beige


Did you know?

Spatial and natural hearing – Thanks to SphereSound SHD, the way the ear and head influence sound acoustically, impaired by the hearing system, is recreated. Natural sound and the ability to easily localize the sources of sound again are the result. Read more about this topic here.

HANSATON AQ SHD accessories.

HANSATON charging systems are energy-efficient and completely automatic. These high-tech solutions ensure that hearing system wearers will always have access to well-charged systems.

Comfort Charger

 Comfort Charger.

The Comfort Charger is a charging station and a secure storage case. With the help of a HADEO desiccant capsule (optionally available), the Comfort Charger also dries hearing systems when closed. Charging time depends on the hearing system batteries’ remaining capacity, up to a maximum of three hours.Practical: The Comfort Power Pack can charge one pair of hearing systems up to seven times.

Power Pack

Comfort Power Pack.

Charging to go – The Comfort Power Pack has a built-in, non-removable lithium battery that stores enough power to charge a pair of hearing systems up to seven times. The status indicator on the back clearly indicates the Power Pack’s remaining battery capacity.

Light Charger

Light Charger.

The Light Charger Base, developed exclusively by HANSATON, provides a secure stand for the Light Charger on slippery surfaces. It is a compact charging station and an ideal workplace solution.