HANSATON at a glance.

Facts and figures on HANSATON, the hearing system manufacturer.

Since 1957, HANSATON has been working with its partners to help provide hearing-impaired people with greater quality of life.
Exceptional quality, cutting-edge technology and outstanding design make for an optimal hearing experience. Every day. Around the world.

Company founding

1957 by Rudolf G. E. Fischer

Company management

Linus Steiner, Joachim Schönhofen

Company philosophy

HANSATON’s goal is to provide hearing systems and accessories of exceptional quality, featuring cutting-edge technology and outstanding design, in order to help people around the world experience optimum hearing. HANSATON seeks to work side-by-side with partners and audiologists, continually developing innovative solutions that provide hearing-impaired people with greater happiness and quality of everyday life.

“Understanding people, succeeding together: this is the mission that drives us, and it is what distinguishes our products and services from others’.”