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HANSATON tinnitus management.

Tinnitus has developed into a social phenomenon. More and more people now suffer from this symptom of penetrating ear noise. The effects of tinnitus are as varied as its causes. Worryingly, more and more children and adolescents now suffer from it. e.g. due to listening to loud music on their MP3 players. Physicians and hearing care professionals are working together to tackle the phenomenon of tinnitus. HANSATON has set itself the goal of using its hearing system solutions to aid tinnitus sufferers as well. So that you can enjoy every moment of your life in peace again.

Tinnitus – a complex phenomenon.

Most people are familiar with it: Ear noises that are not from external sources, but rather seem to originate inside the ear – tinnitus, ringing in the ears. Most of the time, tinnitus disappears as quickly as it arrives. But this isn’t always the case.

Tinnitus is one of the most complex symptoms encountered in medical practice, since it has a wide variety of physical causes, including skull and brain injuries, impact traumas, functional disorders of the cervical spine or the temporomandibular joint, metabolic disease, arteriosclerotic changes in elderly patients and, in rare cases, even tumors of the auditory nerve or middle ear. This is why, when it develops, it must be examined using a multidisciplinary approach. When the corresponding findings are available, appropriate therapies must be initiated.

Conventional treatment methods for acute tinnitus aim to heal a suspected inner ear disorder by increasing the supply of oxygen to the organ. In many cases, if this therapy does not bring about recovery or at least some degree of relief, chronic tinnitus will develop, and the bothersome condition will become irreversible. Tinnitus is also frequently accompanied by other hearing disorders. These can include both hearing loss and an increased susceptibility to noise (hyperacusis). A large proportion of those affected become accustomed to the noise over time, and adapt to it in their own ways. In other cases, however, the tinnitus leads to serious impairments to quality of life. Some tinnitus sufferers may develop sleep disorders, acute stress and anxiety reactions, or depression, and their ability to work is often negatively affected as well. In summary, it can be said that tinnitus and its consequences are highly complex phenomena that can generally only be overcome using an interdisciplinary approach.

Tinnitus Management.

The strong connection between stress and tinnitus perception has been scientifically validated. There is also documented evidence that intensive, continuous use of relaxation exercises leads to a reduction in perception of tinnitus. HANSATON Tinnitus Management comprises a multi-tiered approach to handling tinnitus.

  • Level 1: Information and clarification.
  • Level 2: Alteration of perception with the help of noise generators and hearing systems.
  • Level 3: The stress or emotional level.

sound SHD and jam SHD hearing systems include a Tinnitus Manager as a standard feature. Innovative SHD Technology and maximum flexibility in adjustment make sound SHD and jam SHD hearing systems multi-talented assistants in the field of instrumental tinnitus care.  Click here to find out more about sound SHD and jam SHD.

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