HANSATON tinnitus solutions.

Recovery for the ears, relief in everyday life.

Tinnitus is no rare occurrence these days, and it greatly affects the everyday lives of those suffering from it. HANSATON’s hearing solutions take this development into account. HANSATON’s multi-talented sound SHD and jam SHD hearing systems provide greater ease of hearing and help address tinnitus. The two hearing system families not only provide support with hearing loss, but are also include a tinnitus function as a standard feature, making them ideal for tinnitus patient care.

Tinnitus management with sound SHD.

Ideal speech clarity and brilliant sound in an elegant design.

sound SHD, the hearing systems with external receivers, are aesthetically appealing and acoustically impressive. Chic design, softly rounded shapes, and a wide variety of elegant color combinations—sound SHD wins hearing-impaired and tinnitus patients over across the board from both technical and aesthetic perspectives. Cutting-edge technology and a wide range of accessories sweep the hearing system wearer onto the stage of natural hearing. AutoSurround SHD and SpeechBeam SHD provide ideal speech clarity and brilliant sound—more natural than ever before.

More information on HANSATON’s sound SHD hearing systems is available here.

Gruppenbild jamHD

Tinnitus management with jamSHD.

Intelligent technology right down to the smallest detail.

HANSATON’s jam SHD includes a classic BTE hearing system as well as a wide selection of ITE solutions, all of which bundle cutting-edge technology into the smallest possible space. Clever, smart and practically invisible. AutoSurround and SpeechBeam+ provide optimum 360° speech clarity and brilliant sound. The beautifully designed Behind-the-ear hearing system is available in seven modern colors. jam gives hearing-impaired and tinnitus patients a wide range of available options—for more ease in everyday life.

More information on HANSATON’s jam SHD hearing systems is available here.