Dedicated people.

A common mission.

Hearing systems are little miracles. We pack a wealth of technology into the tiniest spaces—complex, state-of-the-art software innovations that are now able to address almost any form of hearing loss. When Uwe Fischer joined his father’s acoustics company (which at that point sold hearing systems manufactured in the USA) in 1967, he had one primary vision: to support hearing-impaired people and improve their quality of life. He established the company’s in-house Research and Development department, thus laying the groundwork for high-quality hearing systems “made by HANSATON”.

HANSATON products have been recognized again and again for their outstanding design elements*. As simple and inconspicuous as they seem on the outside, they are the product of impressive engineering knowledge, intuition and an exceptional understanding of design. The people at our glass-front hearing system manufacturing plant have set creating change and progress as their number-one priority in every one of their developments. For audiologists and their customers.

Audiologists’ day-to-day challenges are ours as well.

HANSATON’s number-one goal is to support hearing systems professionals, and to ensure that they receive the best quality hardware, software, and service—so that they, our partners, can help hearing impaired people attain new quality of life, and help break down inhibitions about hearing systems more and more. Hearing professionals day-to-day challenges are ours as well. Offering you the perfect solution for every one of those challenges is what we at HANSATON mean by “the new ease of hearing”. That includes innovative concepts, customized communications campaigns, competent and trustworthy contacts, and cutting-edge technology.

Side by side to provide greater quality of life.

HANSATON is a unique hearing system manufacturer with a long-standing tradition of innovation. Our focus is on bringing joy back to hearing impaired people’s lives. As a reliable business partner to independent hearing systems professionals, HANSATON sees itself as a co-entrepreneur working side by side with hearing professionals to develop winning solutions and contribute to audiologists’ long-term business success.

HANSATON is the perfect partner for independent and agile hearing professionals and business owners, and is especially committed to their success.

“Understanding people, succeeding together: this is the mission that drives us, and it is what distinguishes our products and services from other companies–so that we can maintain a partner relationship to our customers.”