Innovations for better hearing.

Distinguished in design and function.

  • Generate ideas with sensitivity.
  • Develop innovations with passion.
  • Approach customers and partners with personality.

Day after day, HANSATON engineers do pioneering work to support hearing impaired people and give them hearing systems that help them do something that should be a given: hear naturally and effortlessly.
For HANSATON, “hearing & emotions” are inextricably linked. From the first idea for a new hearing system, to aesthetic design concepts for the housing, to the people who wear the new system. Since the 1950s, HANSATON has numbered among the most consistently successful brands in the industry. Today, its glass-front factory is capable of supplying the global market with state-of-the-art hearing systems ranging from First Class to Business, Comfort, Economy and Entry-Level models.

As a manufacturer of the newest generation, HANSATON’s work is top-quality in terms of both craftsmanship and technology. Product concepts that win people over—both hearing system wearers and the panel jurors for the renowned Design Awards*. HANSATON hearing systems have received multiple awards for their innovation, functionality, and design.

HANSATON’s newest technology provides a top-quality hearing experience. Its complex SHD chip technology provides intelligent, energy-efficient signal processing, which works in combination with high-performance algorithms to create a first-class binaural hearing experience. Pure clarity. Enjoy a sophisticated interplay of modern colors, stylish design and innovative SHD-Technology.

Discover excelent spatial acoustics in a new dimension of hearing by HANSATON
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* Between 2005 and 2017, HANSATON received six iF product design awards and five Red Dot Design Awards; it was also nominated for the German Design Award five times and won it in 2017.

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