HANSATON tinnitus solutions.

Recovery for your ears – relief for you.

If you can’t hear it, it won’t bother you. That was how people used to think of tinnitus, which is why they tried to simply drown the noise out. But the new signals not only negatively affected people’s hearing experiences, they also lacked therapeutic benefit. As it turned out, only people who can hear the tinnitus noise can un-learn it again. That’s why the basic idea behind modern tinnitus therapy is that the sound will remain perceptible, but have a much weaker effect. Rather than covering up the bothersome ear noises, digital noise generators create background noise as a distraction.

Over time, our brains learn to classify the sounds as less and less important, until finally we block them out entirely, as we do with all unimportant acoustic signals. Choosing the right hearing system is fundamentally important. Let an experienced team of audiologists and doctors help you with your decision. A carefully selected system will improve your hearing and comprehension, and will help redirect your perception so that bothersome tinnitus recedes into the background.

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Innovative technology in an elegant package.

HANSATON offers hearing systems that combine hearing enhancement with tinnitus therapy. By providing amplification in the range affected by hearing loss, you will hear natural, everyday sounds more clearly, while also perceiving the tinnitus less. During quiet moments, you can switch on the noise generator, which helps your body adapt and learn to compensate for the tinnitus. The multi-talented sound SHD provides more ease of hearing and helps you deal with tinnitus as well. This family of hearing systems not only helps treat hearing loss, it also comes equipped with a tinnitus function.

You have the choice: let our practically invisible in-ear models support your tinnitus therapy, or choose a designer HANSATON hearing system for elegant form and color combinations. Your local audiologist would be happy to advise you. No matter how you decide, you’ll always be choosing recovery for your ears, which will mean more relaxation in everyday life and greater ease of hearing.

HANSATON Tinnitus solutions.

Ideal speech clarity and brilliant sound in an elegant design.

HANSATON now delivers what many people have been wanting for a long time: made-to-measure hearing systems that provide optimum individual support. sound SHD hearing systems are adapted to provide optimum tinnitus patient care. These Behind-the-ear systems ensure optimum speech clarity as well as brilliant, natural sound.

In day-to-day usage, the sound SHD is an aesthetic winner as well: Supple shapes that account for natural ear anatomy and a wide selection of color combinations ensure that these elegant hearing systems are hardly noticeable in everyday life-hearing system wearers or for the people around them.