More freedom at the touch of a button.

Enjoy the new ease of hearing.

Modern technology makes many things possible. Intelligent remote controls, multimedia devices for your hearing system — HANSATON has taken up many of the advantages the multimedia world has to offer, and turned them into beautiful little high-tech solutions. For you as a user, that means more comfort, flexibility and freedom.

Small and unobtrusive? Easy to operate? Sophisticated and multifunctional? No matter what your priorities are, HANSATON has the right solution for every hearing system. Try them out today and enjoy the ease of multimedia.

TV Connector.

The TV Connector makes it easy to connect TVs and other audio devices, such as stereo systems, to the hearing systems. Many hearing system wearers can watch TV or movies and listen to music from up to 15 m away from their TV Connector, while enjoying an exceptional binaural hearing experience.


The remote microphone with its optimized design and performance can be easily attached to the clothing of a conversation partner with its integrated clip. It has excellent sound quality and battery performance. It is also easy to operate with just one button and transmits speech directly to the hearing systems up to 25 meters away. The PartnerMic is a real asset especially in acoustically challenging situations.

Remote Control.

The newly designed Remote Control makes it discreet and easy to use. The large, clearly labelled buttons make it very easy to adjust the volume. The listening environment or program can also be easily changed using this device. Ideal for those who want control at their fingertips without touching their hearing devices or pulling out their smartphone. This device is compatible with all technology levels offered in the EXCITE Pro series.

stream remote App.

The stream remote App lets users simply and discreetly control their hearing devices with their smartphones. This intuitive app provides responsive control with visual feedback on all settings and changes. Bass, mid and treble sounds can be adjusted with the new equalizer feature for added personalization.


Accessories for previous technology platforms


Experience perfect TV sound.

Enjoy your TV evenings: The uTV3 conveniently transmits signals from your TV, stereo, or computer via Bluetooth to the uDirect3 remote or the uStream streamer, and then directly to your hearing systems. The uTV3 not only allows you to adjust the volume of the audio signals you receive, it also serves as a charging station and holder for your uDirect3 or uStream.


Multimedia enjoyment.

The uDirect3 remote control ensures particularly clear, interference-free hearing experiences in a variety of activities. It can create either wired or wireless connections between your hearing systems and a cell phone, television, FM radio, or MP3 player, ensuring clear, interference-free listening enjoyment. The uDirect3 also provides a convenient way of regulating volume easily and discreetly. If you prefer, simply hang the uDirect3 around your neck with our specially designed neck strap.


Clever streaming.

The HANSATON uStream not only allows you to adjust hearing system volume and program settings, it also connects your hearing system to Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as smartphones.  The best part: the uStream is barely noticeable. It is wireless, and can be clipped to your clothing easily and discreetly.

More freedom when watching TV: the uTV3 transmits clear, interference-free audio signals from your television to your hearing system via the uStream. And you can even adjust the volume conveniently using the uStream.


Understand conversation partners more easily.

The uMic2 is a wireless microphone system that helps hearing system wearers to understand conversation partners more easily and effectively, even in acoustically challenging situations. It can be attached to the other person’s clothing with the help of a built-in clip. Speech signals coming from the conversation partner are transmitted via uDirect 3 to the hearing system, where they arrive clear and easy to understand.


Particularly discreet adjustment.

The IIC remote control is particularly small and inconspicuous. It allows simple, discreet program or volume adjustments on IIC hearing systems.


Operation made easy.

The RCV2 remote control allows discreet adjustments to volume controls and hearing system programs. Its large buttons and button labels make it especially easy to use.

RemoteHD Icon

remoteHD App.

With the remoteHD App, hearing system wearers can make easy, discreet volume adjustments and manage system programming using their smartphones, in combination with the uDirect 3 or uStream remote control.

Did you know…?

Hearing systems require special, ongoing care and maintenance, which is why HANSATON has developed HADEO, its own line of care products that are specially adapted to the needs of high-quality hearing systems. Click here to find out the best way of cleaning your hearing systems.