Why use hearing systems?

Spatial acoustics in a new dimension..

Hearing loss makes not only your natural acoustic perception more difficult, it makes your everyday life more difficult as well. That’s why HANSATON engineers do pioneering work day after day to help you achieve better quality of life. They’ve developed different hearing systems that are adapted perfectly to users’ individual needs. So that you can finally go back to experiencing something that ought to be a given: effortless, natural hearing.

Älterer und jüngerer Mann im Berufsalltag.

Making everyday life easier.

Most people don’t even notice at first that they are suffering from hearing loss. Their hearing diminishes slowly over a long period of time, so their brains consider hearing loss normal, and even manage to compensate for it to a certain extent. That comes at a high price, however: after acoustically strenuous days, situations with a great deal of background noise, or conversations in large groups, people with hearing loss often feel tired and exhausted. Hearing systems can improve your comprehension in acoustically challenging systems, make your everyday life easier and thus increase your personal well-being.

Mann spielt Saxophon

Preserve your range of frequencies.

Oftentimes, when hearing loss occurs, certain sound signals are no longer transmitted to people’s brains. As a result, when they start wearing hearing systems, they no longer immediately recognizes those previously lost frequencies when first hearing them. Their brains simply have to get used to the new sounds again. That’s why it’s advisable to start using hearing systems early, so that those tones and sounds can’t be forgotten in the first place.

Mann hält eine Rede vor einer Gruppe

Better speech comprehension, crystal-clear sound.

Loud streets, echoing restaurants, clattering dishes, loud background noise while watching TV— all sounds that are especially bothersome to people with hearing loss. They create distractions during conversations, or even make conversation impossible. Hearing systems have a variety of programs and functions to help dramatically improve both sound quality and speech clarity for you.

Did you know…?

Thanks to innovative SHD Technology, your hearing system is capable of automatically adapting to situations like eating at restaurants or walking through the woods. Click here to find out how the individual hearing systems differ from one another and which hearing system is right for you.