How do hearing systems differ from one another?

Hear well naturally—adapted perfectly to your needs.

Not all hearing systems are created equal. We offer a range of different models and designs, worn either in the ear or behind the ear, to ensure that your hearing system fits your needs perfectly. Talk to your audiologist to figure out which system is the right one for you. This section will give you an idea of just how much a hearing system can do for you.


Customized settings using different channels.

Hearing systems have so-called “channels”. These channels correspond to different frequency ranges, and each of them can be adjusted up or down individually as needed. The more channels a hearing system has, the more flexibly it can be adjusted to fit your needs. The goal is for the hearing system to compensate your hearing loss as effectively as possible in every frequency range.

Customized, cutting-edge chip technology.

Our state-of-the-art SHD Technology goes one step further by making it possible for your hearing system to adjust itself automatically based on the acoustic situation you are currently in. Depending on whether, for example, you’re in a restaurant with a lot of loud background noise, or out in nature listening to quiet birdsong, your hearing system will switch to the corresponding mode to ensure optimum hearing results at all times. You and your audiologist can work together to find the right hearing system for your individual needs.


Bid zeigt die unterschiedlichen Hörsystem Bauformen

Hear better with the right model.

Every ear is different. That’s why HANSATON offers you a wide range of hearing systems, available in different models and designs. Whether worn in the ear or behind the ear, the right model will help ensure that your hearing system is always seated correctly, so you won’t miss any frequencies, and you’ll always be able to enjoy better sound quality and speech comprehension. You won’t just hear better, you’ll understand better as well.

Frau mit Im-Ohr-Hörsystem

Ultrafine technology for greater discretion.

Hearing systems are little marvels of engineering: they bundle a wealth of highly complex technology into a tiny space, while blending elegantly into the rest of your appearance. In recent years, even as hearing systems have become more powerful, they have gotten progressively smaller and less noticeable; nowadays, they are hardly visible at all, and can be matched perfectly to your hair color, skin tone, or clothing. The sound SHD 10 is available in eight different colors. It sits behind the ear, with the receiver inside the auditory canal, and is practically invisible when worn.

Auswahl von Hörsystem-Fernbedienungen

Accessories for added comfort.

Modern accessories help you integrate your hearing system perfectly into your everyday life. The possibilities are practically endless, and they are all very easy to operate—using a remote control, for example, or with the help of our special remoteHD app. Super easy and discreet. You can also connect your hearing system to your television, smartphone or MP3 player. Your audiologist will be happy to provide more information, and will also adjust your accessories to fit your individual needs.