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HANSATON Accesories

Intelligent remote controls, TV or Multimedia devices for your hearing aids, and apps to control settings with one click — HANSATON has taken up many of the advantages our innovative world has to offer and turned them into beautifully simple high-tech solutions. For you, that means more comfort, flexibility, and freedom.

TV Connector

The TV Connector makes it easy to send the audio from TVs and other audio devices, such as stereo systems, directly to your hearing aids. Multiple people can enjoy the top-rated sound quality and watch TV or listen to music from up to 15 meters away from the TV  Connector.

Download the stream remote App

The most important adjustments and information are available from the home screen like adjusting volume, quickly switching to Quieter or Clearer settings, as well as knowing your current program and battery levels.

In-App Lifestyle Analyzer

The app can provide insights into a personal listening lifestyle – how much time is spent in different types of environments. With rechargeable hearing aids, it can also show you the daily step count and active minutes for the day, as well as the charging status of the hearing aids. 

HADEO Clean & Care

The exclusive clean & care line for hearing care professionals.

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Our ears are complex sensory organs. Hearing well helps keep your brain stimulated.

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