The best care has a name: HADEO, clean & care by HANSATON.

Cleaning and care products for your hearing systems.

Hearing systems are highly-developed but also sensitive technical masterpieces. In their tiny casings, enormous acoustic performance is achieved in the smallest space - at the same time, you wear a hearing system daily on your skin and therefore it is exposed to high levels of material stress.

HANSATON has also been involved for a long time in the optimal cleaning and care of hearing systems. HADEO from HANSATON is one of the leading care product brands for hearing systems.

HADEO offers you everything you need for daily care in addition to convenient accessories, ensuring that you get pleasure from your hearing systems for a long time.

Just have a look at our range and at the HADEO care primer for a lot more useful tips.

You can get HADEO products in all good hearing instrument specialist shops.

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